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About Us

Who we are

A young, vibrant, global professional services; providing market-leading automation and business intelligence applications and also a managed Digital Marketing services provider to B2B and B2C clients around the world.

What we do

It all starts with listening. We listen to our clients, and we listen to what our social communities are saying to produce compelling, insight-driven creative that generates real results.

We design, develop, automate, test and analyse all elements of in the digital space as well as offering a bespoke structured production service outsourcing system that works seamlessly within any Digital, Software or CRM structure.

We operate with absolute discretion, integrity and professionalism.

Quality as basis

From large-scale End-to-End projects to smaller projects, the scale may be different but the importance of completing these to a high standard remains the same. At YanHub, we hold ourselves to the same high standards as our clients.

We believe that in this industry having a reputation for working safely and accurately whilst holding on to a commercial mind-set is essential to success. We make the effort to understand the needs of our clients and so we ensure that when we offer a solution in terms of the objective, we help ensure the success of your operations.

Areas of expertise

Creative Design, Content Strategy, Coding & Development, Mobile Design & Development, Cross Platform & Device Testing, Contextual Elements, Implementation, Deployment, Deliverability, Campaign Management, Data Strategy, Reporting & Analysis, Strategic Consulting, Landing Page Optimisation, Branding & Identity.

Our professional developers, content and implementation team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to innovate and create inspirational communication solutions for your subscribers.